I Will Never Forget

September 10, 2011

             I Will Never Forget.

I went to open the store in the morning like I would any Tuesday morning in Tanger.

Soon, a gentleman from another store came in asking if we had any radios for sale.

We may have had a small boom box, I can’t remember.

He explained New York had been attacked and left. I got my radio out of my car.

Upon plugging it in, I heard nothing but frantic reporters and screams until the second building toppled.

We had  stores in two locations in Tanger which represented a region.

Our “regional” manager ran that other one.

I called him and asked to go home. He asked “Why?”.

I explained “This is a national catastrophe and I need to be with my family”.

He responded “What is that going to do?” and told me to “call and ask our next manager up first,

if you really think you need to leave.

As I was I began to leave a  voice message to her,

there was an official Tanger announcement over the loudspeakers closing the Outlets for the day.

I finished the message with the new information, closed the place down, locked up and left.

My route home involved Reeves Avenue.

As I passed Cherry Creek Golf Links someone was pulling in to play.

I screamed out my window at the top of my lungs “Are You F^@&ing CRAZY!! What The F^@& is Wrong With You.!!”

I’m not proud of that, that may have been all he could do to keep his sanity.

After that all I remember is the endless sirens from vehicles (I presume predominantly ambulances).

Thank You to all who helped during this tragedy.

All I did was stay home scared of another attack playing my keyboard and

practicing turntable technique with a Cher album fom the 1970’s as well as a Fugs LP.

I will Never Forget.


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